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World Bonsai Convention 2021

In October next year Perth, Western Australia is proud to present the 9th World Bonsai Convention 2021. For the first time, Australia has been bestowed the honour of playing host to this internationally-renowned convention, which only occurs once every four years.

The “World Bonsai Friendship Federation” was established in Japan in the late 1970s, arising from the efforts and unity of the local bonsai community at the time, notably Saburo Kato, who formulated the principle “World Peace through Bonsai”. This noble precept is still upheld to this day and their values live on through the continued success of this ever-growing event. The inspiration behind the creation of the WBFF was a Bonsai Expo held during the 1970 World's Fair in Osaka, Japan. That Expo became the catalyst for the eventual formation of the WBFF and through sustained persistence from that core group of bonsai enthusiasts (including Haruo Kaneshiro, John Naka and Ted Tsukiyama) it has since continued to evolve and exp

and into various countries around the world such as China, America, Germany and Korea. Now it’s the Aussies’ turn!

To commemorate this prestigious event we wanted to create a logo, which will serve as an engaging brand identity for this significant upcoming occasion - an emblem that will incorporate some iconic elements that makes our part of the world unique... The stylised shape of a boomerang (a traditional Australian-Aboriginal weapon) is incorporated in the design, it is coloured with a gradient of warm tones, characterising our sunburnt country, which then fades into an earthy-green, representing our lush flora and diverse landscape. The boomerang-shape has a dark brown shadow hovering closely behind it. At the top, it begins separate from the actual graphic, but by the time you

r eyes reach the base of the shape, the shadow has joined it. This was intended to be interpreted as a “unification” or “coming together” (of nations and cultures, for the common appreciation and love of bonsai), this relates directly to the WBFF’s long-established doctrine mentioned in our bio. The graphic then sits on a small section of blue, which symbolises our world-famous, turquoise beaches. Finally, the beautifully gnarled Melaleuca bonsai sits confidently in the middle of the composition, acting as the centrepiece of our logo. This native tree proudly embodies our diverse range of Western Australian native trees. Watch this space for updates!

Graphic design by Beautiful Chaos

Doornjil Yoordaniny        Coming Together - Moving Forward 
14 - 17 October 2021 Perth, Western Australia

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