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What is a Virtual Reality Convention - an explanation of the program

The 9th World Bonsai Convention will be run as a Virtual Event, which means that the first run of each day will be scheduled to start at a particular time (10:00 am Western Australian Time) and if registrants log in at any time after that start time, they will miss part of that presentation but be able to view it again in full, on demand, with pause/stop/start functions, eight (8) hours after the first running. This will apply to all presentations.

After that all presentations can be played on demand up until the end of October. All demonstrations will be pre-recorded for this event and the entire program controlled by a software program with attendant technical support staff.

Two of the international Demonstrations will include a live interactive question time at the immediate completion of the demonstration. These will be for Shinji Suzuki and Michael Hagedorn.

The 9th World Bonsai Convention will commence to be available to all registrants to view between the 8th and 31 October 2022.

The Optional Activities will be available free to registrants on the same system as for demonstrations, i.e. on demand 8 hours after the first running and at any time up until the end of October.

Traders will be invited to take a Booth in the On Line Marketplace that will link to their own website and the Marketplace will be open 24 hours each day of the event.

Also running 24 hours a day will be access to the Bonsai and Suiseki Photographic exhibitions.

The Online Auction will start before the convention at a date to be decided and finish the day before the Program ends which is 15 Oct 2022. Western Australian Time


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